Understanding B2B Buyers
The 2016 Benchmark Study

We’ve analyzed the results of an industry-wide study to benchmark how B2B organizations understand buyers, create and maintain personas, and put insights to use.

Download the study and learn:
  • The top persona challenges facing marketers
  • What sets high-performing companies apart
  • 10 habits of customer-centric marketers
    and lots more.

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    “Though the concept of a “persona” has existed for years, our study dug deeper to uncover why organizations fail to create, update, maintain, or apply persona intelligence in meaningful ways, rendering them ineffective.”

    Katie Martell
    Co-founder and CMO

    Key Findings

    Companies that exceed lead and revenue goals were 2.2X more likely to have and document personas than companies that miss these targets.

    Companies that exceed lead and revenue goals were 3.8X more likely to have an accountable resource internally dedicated to personas.

    Only 8.2% of those surveyed felt that at least 75% of their organization could confidently name their personas and key attributes.

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