The team at Cintell is now working with QuotaFactory’s customer and user community to help enable customer-centric selling at scale. We’re thrilled to extend Cintell’s customer insights and SmartPersonasTM to users of QuotaFactory’s sales acceleration technology, because we know the impact personas can have in driving shorter sales cycles, more relevant sales calls, greater account coverage and stronger pipeline. Here are four ways you can drive more sales with personas.


1.  Save time with more effective sales calls

By looking at a sales call from the persona’s point of view, communications become more straightforward because it’s crystal clear what information is necessary, and what might be superfluous to a particular persona. Delight your prospects by preparing for each call by understanding the needs and priorities of the buyer.

2. Increase response rates with more relevant offers

Understanding the persona you’re reaching out to can illustrate the specific features and benefits that should be prioritized. Focus your outreach on the exact benefits delivered to people like this persona in the KPIs using language, word choice, and terms that resonate with them.

3. Reduce wasted calls with streamlined prospecting

Understanding the specific attributes of key persona targets help you to hone in on exactly which contacts matter. In particular, understanding the multiple decision makers and influencers involved in the buying committee of a given deal will help you understand which contacts you need to include in your outreach, their distinct needs, and how to build consensus to close the deal.

4. Find more customers by being where they are

Personas help you to understand what channels, communities, events, and sites your audience cares about and frequents. If you want to catch fish, fish where the fish are. Reading the same publications, attending the same events, and participating in the same online communities your buyers are in can help you understand what’s happening in their world and identify opportunities for introductions and referrals. It’s an investment that will yield big results.

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