23 04, 2015

The Rise Of User Marketing: AKA, Quit Sending Users Stuff You Wrote For Their Boss

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Guest post from Hally Pinaud, Product Marketing Manager at PeopleFluent Have you heard? Half of all B2B researchers are Millennials – up 70% in just two years. Yes, the complex buying process is alive and well, and now you’re standing up to the scrutiny of a bunch of 20-something gatekeepers. Which means you’re really going to have [...]

21 04, 2015

What’s the Difference Between Buyer, Customer, and User Personas?

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At its very basic level, a “persona” is a character. The term is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask. Personas in the world of music refer to an artist assuming a role that matches the music they sing (think Ziggy Stardust adopted by David Bowie). In psychology, a persona can [...]

20 04, 2015

Why Modern Marketing is Like Math

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Last week, Cintell sponsored the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit as a LaunchPoint partner. Check out the jam band we brought to bring good vibes to the event as attendees filed in to hear the keynote. Here’s another video. The keynotes offered huge inspiration as Marketo and their customers continue to push marketing to the next [...]

24 03, 2015

The Reason Only 3% of Enterprise B2B Marketers Are Very Effective

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Drumroll please.... the reason only 3% of enterprise marketers in a recent ANNUITAS study claim to be "very effective" when it comes to demand generation.... is... marketing is tough. OK, that's not the real point of this post, but I must clarify up front: There is no single black and white reason as to why such a teeny tiny percentage of marketers chose "very effective" when [...]

20 03, 2015

5 Things Your Business Must Consider About Outsourcing Customer Research

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Helping companies to understand their buyers has become an industry in and of itself - one that is growing in both size and importance. In 2016 B2B marketers predict that understanding buyers will be their #1 job responsibility - and for good reason. As buyers change, organizations are working to stay on top of shifting [...]

18 03, 2015

What to Include in a Buyer Persona [INFOGRAPHIC]

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So... what should you include in a buyer persona? Check out the new infographic inspired by our eBook, The Intelligent Guide to Buyer Personas.   Note: I used Piktochart to create this gorgeous infographic for free. I can't recommend them highly enough!

6 03, 2015

We Asked 14 Marketers How to Make It Happen as a Woman in Business

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This Sunday, March 8th, is International Women's Day - a holiday observed since the early 1900's when expansion and new ideas in the industrialized world led to a massive change in the conversation about the rights of women. Here we are in 2015, and the situation is sobering: Women account for two-thirds of all working [...]

25 02, 2015

Why Personas Fail

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There's plenty of fervor around the need for buyer personas; so why do some fail to deliver real value? From where I sit, we have entered a new phase in the evolution of buyer persona maturity in marketing– or maybe this has been the phase we’ve been stuck in ever since the phrase “buyer persona” was first [...]

19 02, 2015

Music to my Ears: 17 Buyer-Centric Soundbites Overheard at #C2C15

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I’m jazzed. This is a pretty accurate representation of me right now. Why? I just returned to snow-covered Boston from sunny Scottsdale where I attended Content 2 Conversion 2015. Among the symphony of topics covered in sessions from thought leaders like Laura Ramos from Forrester, Erin Provey from SiriusDecisions, Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions (and our [...]

14 02, 2015

I Have to Be Honest About These 3 B2B Marketing Red Flags on Valentines Day

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Relationships are full of red flags. Maybe it’s a lack of trust, or poor communication. Maybe you just aren’t compatible. If you’ve ever seen a red flag and experienced the resulting breakup, you know that hindsight is 20/20. What usually goes through your mind when it’s all over is something similar to, “Why didn’t I [...]