Revolutionary New Product Brings Buyer Personas to Life in Robot Form

BOSTON, April 1, 2015 — Cintell, a SaaS customer intelligence startup today announced the availability of PersonaBot, the world’s first robot designed to help companies interact with a buyer persona in the same way they would with a real human being. PersonaBot is designed to walk, talk, and think like a customer, allowing organizations to interact and converse with any of their target personas in real-time when designing business strategy.

Built in Cintell’s Buyer Persona Innovation Lab, PersonaBot leverages big data, small data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, the Internet of Strings, the deep web, cloud computing, marketing automation, social media, predictive analytics, and gamification to deliver a real-time personification of a target buyer.

Behind the power of PersonaBot is Cintell’s proprietary HumanizationalizeTM technology, which blends human emotion research with statistical analysis and raw data to formulate a life-like, authentic character nearly identical to a real buyer. Lab tests conducted by esteemed buyer persona scientist Dr. Julie Arigato found PersonaBot’s artificial brain activity to match that of a real buyer with 99.9% accuracy.

The benefits to consumers are endless. Businesses can now elicit feedback on a marketing campaign or product idea in seconds. Salespeople can test their product pitches and cold call scripts on PersonaBot without fear of rejection from real-life buyers. Business owners can shoot the breeze with PersonaBot to practice their ability to buddy-up with clients and feign interest in their problems.

“We are proud to finally bridge the gap between robotics and marketing,” said Cintell CEO Apparao Karri. “I am so proud of our team of experts who have been working in stealth mode to bring true innovation to enterprise technology. It’s time for marketing 3.0; the age of robotics. This is going to change the world of business as we know it, and I personally welcome our new robot overlords.”

With a staggering response from early-adopters, demand for PersonaBot is high. Those interested in acquiring their own can place an order at

The contents of this post are entirely fake and therefore should not be taken seriously or used to sue our company.

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