A few facts to kick off your Wednesday:

  • 3 out of 4 B2B buyers believe that vendors are generating too much material for them to sort through (Forrester)
  • The typical B2B buying decision involves an average of 5.4 stakeholders (CEB)
  • Poppy the Shih Tzu only influences dog-related purchases.

Wait…What the Shih Tzu?

PoppyPoppy belongs to UK based Bob Apollo, CEO of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners and author of a clever post “It’s time to kick the Shih Tzu out of buyer personas.

Bob and I had a great conversation last week on the role personas can play in B2B sales success – a focus he specializes in and works hard to improve for organizations. He made a great point about the misinformation that often permeates well-intentioned B2B personas:



“Vacuously speculating on what dog your archetypal prospects own, how many children they have or what sports team they support has no relevance whatsoever to crafting messages that will resonate with a B2B audience.

What’s worse, if your sales people see anything that trivial in a buyer persona, they have every right to laugh marketing out of the room, and the marketing department will have suffered another well-deserved hammer blow to their credibility. It’s time to put the trivia aside.”

Read Bob’s full post here, which includes a nice Cintell mention (thanks!) and calls to light 9 key elements of an actionable persona as defined by Ardath Albee. You can read more about these in our free 32-page eBook, “The Intelligent Guide to Buyer Personas.”