I’m jazzed. This is a pretty accurate representation of me right now.


Why? I just returned to snow-covered Boston from sunny Scottsdale where I attended Content 2 Conversion 2015.

Among the symphony of topics covered in sessions from thought leaders like Laura Ramos from Forrester, Erin Provey from SiriusDecisions, Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions (and our esteemed advisory board member), Michael Brenner of NewsCred, Tim Reisterer at Corporate Visions, and MANY more, was one beautiful, consistent melody:

For better content, better understand your buyer.

If you have met myself or Cintell co-founder Apparao Karri yet, you know this rings true with our mission to create a customer-centric world. (Watch a 2 minute video introduction of Cintell or click here to sign up for our beta notification in a few weeks.)

Like a jingle you can’t get out of your head, the walls of the Hyatt reverberated with this takeaway as a foundational component of better content marketing strategy – and it was music to my ears.

Here are a few highlights from the very smart folks at the event:

1. “Digital relevance is really the ability to match content with the context of the buyer’s experience in the moment.” – Ardath Albee

2. “Be the best answer for your buyers.” – Lee Odden

3. “Buyers are 3X more likely to move away from pain than move towards potential gain. Focus content messaging on pain points.” – Tim Riesterer

4. “Get out of your head and get into your customers” – Liz Miller, CMO Council

5. “In 2015, CMOs need to better define brand value in the language of the customer.” – Liz Miller, CMO Council

6. “The future of PR will be about elevating the customer, not the company.”– Cision

7. “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

8. “Behind every tweet, share, visit and purchase is a person like you and me. We need to redefine marketing by putting people at the center.” – Michael Brenner, NewsCred

9. “Do you really know your audience? Who they are? What they want? Where they spend their time? How they engage with your competitors?” – Michael Brenner, NewsCred

10. “The only way personas add value is if the people who use them internalize them.” – Erin Provey, SiriusDecisions”

11. “B2B buyers say 62% of the content we’re creating is useless to them” – Laura Ramos, Forrester

12. “When speaking to buyers, listen to understand, not to reply.”– Seth Lieberman, SnapApp

13. “The anatomy of a B2B buyer includes functional attributes, buying behaviors, interests, and interaction preferences.”– Erin Provey, SiriusDecisions

14. “Speak your buyer’s language. Be smart about recasting or rebranding terms that they already know.”– Erin Provey, SiriusDecisions

And perhaps the most beautiful – and simplest – of all:

15. “Titles are not personas.”– April Brown, Televerde

At Cintell, we believe buyer personas can form the foundation for effective content marketing because, done right, they serve as a north star for your team to follow when creating, and promoting content that works.


Intelligent-Guide-to-Buyer-Personas-Cover-CintellIf you’d like to learn more about how to create buyer personas that serve as active tools, not expensive PDFs sitting in a binder on your desk, download our new eBook featuring Ardath Albee, “The Intelligent Guide to Buyer Personas.”

Congrats to the DemandGen Report / G3 Communications team for a great event – and thank you for getting this Bostonian some sunshine!