Last week was a big week. It was not only my birthday (hello fellow Pisces!), but it was also the week of our most recent live webinar event on B2B Personas.  I spoke alongside David Pereira, President of GET LIFT Agency and Pat McAnally, Research Director at B2B sales and marketing advisory firm SiriusDecisions. Happy Birthday to me!

B2B Personas: The How, the Why, and the What Next? You can watch the full on-demand recording or download the slides.

I was thrilled to team up with them both, as each of us brought a distinctly unique perspective to the evolving world of B2B personas. David and his team at GET LIFT helps many organizations craft detailed, highly actionable personas with expansive acumen in research and insight development. He presented the in’s and out’s of what to include in an actionable persona, how to find that insight, and strategies for making the most of your time conducting primary research.

Legend has it he’s conducted over one trillion persona interviews in his time at GET LIFT.*

Pat’s research along with that of her colleagues at SiriusDecisions has served to define and champion the importance, impact, and business case behind a persona-based sales and marketing approach for high-growth B2B organizations. She made the compelling case for what business benefits marketers can expect to drive once they take the plunge into persona-land, and shared some strategies for gaining buy-in.

With a persona-based approach, companies have seen 20% increase in pipeline value, 100% increase in sales qualified leads year over year, 50% increase in conversion, and 5X more contacts mapped to a persona and responding to campaigns.

I shared my own perspective on the world of personas after they are created and researched. Put succinctly – you created personas, now what?

If you’ve heard me speak before you know that I am far too enamored with this slide, which I’ve dubbed “PDF Purgatory.” My friends at Quarry even had it projected on their monitor at the office:

During the event I shared 29 ways to maximize the impact of personas by actually putting them to use across demand generation, content marketing, sales enablement, and more. You can watch the full on-demand recording or download the slides.

*Note: Just kidding.