Close your eyes. (Well, not really, or this is a highly ineffective blog post.)

Imagine your typical workday. After the coffee, after the commute, sitting down at your desk and starting on that giant to-do list.

Now imagine, at this very moment, that you know everything about your customers.

What they need. How they think. How they research and buy products. What motivates them at work. What are they tasked with solving every day as part of their job descriptions? What kept them up late last night? How long have they been in their career? Where they go every day for news. Who they trust for advice. Their top challenges and pressures. How they make decisions. Their personality. Their influence over the purchase decision of your solution. Even their personal heroes.

Now imagine everyone in your marketing department started each day with the same intelligence.

How much better, more effective would you be?

Your team would be on fire!

Publish-companywide-CintellThe demand generation team would be designing campaigns across each buyer’s preferred communication channels, crafting beautifully-relevant, consistent interactions incorporating their top pain points.


Stop-Making-Assumptions-CintellTheir marketing operations counterparts would be ensuring the database is filled with enough of the right buyers and personas to round out even the most robust accounts. Whether they have 3 influencers on a deal or the B2B technology industry average of 7 (IDC) – they have enough, and campaigns at-the-ready to send.


Let-Insights-Flow-CintellThose responsible for sales enablement would be as effective as crystal-ball-yielding, mind-reading fortune tellers, understanding exactly what talking points and messaging they must arm sales with for each buyer, providing the exact content needed to persuade multiple buyers in a complex sales process.


icon-contentThe content marketing team would reap awards and accolades for writing perfectly-crafted content for each persona, featuring insights from the influencers most effective to that segment, containing every keyword necessary to convince a reader that yes! This is the greatest, most life-changing eBook they have ever had the privilege of reading!


OK, I’m getting carried away. A girl can dream, right?

The way I see it, a customer-centric marketing team makes more unified, buyer-guided decisions. They become the resident experts internally, a trusted resource to inform and guide the rest of the business.

At Cintell, we believe this is how modern marketers get it done.  And we believe these insights hold even greater promise when shared throughout a business to guide truly buyer-driven strategy.

I dream of a day where buyer personas are operationalized within an organization.

If the future of business is customer-centric, is your marketing team ready?