Building out buyer personas might not be the first step that comes to mind when starting a business, but understanding your customer base is crucial to success. Often this exercise boils down to demographics like age, gender, and income, but those things only tells you who your customer is, not how they think.

If you want to dig a little deeper into what makes your customers tick, considering building your buyer personas with their personalities in mind. After all, at its core sales is about encouraging someone to buy something. Wouldn’t it be easier to do that if you knew how and what they were thinking? It doesn’t require a dystopian society-level of surveillance, but simply breaking down the different personalities.

The classic Myers-Briggs test is one way to do this, but there are tons of personality typing systems out there that may provide a better picture. If you’re extra ambitious, you can try a few out to see what fits your brand! If you want a jump start though, check out this infographic from that uses the How to Fascinate method to show how different personality types impact spending habits.

What Your Personality Type Says About Your Financial Success