My first trip to Phoenixville, PA taught me it’s a beautiful place, filled with surprisingly delightful cafes and a vibrant community of B2B marketers. The good folks at B2B marketing agency Godfrey and the local chapter of the Business Marketing Association invited me to present at the annual FWD:B2B conference a few weeks ago. I happily took the opportunity to cover the fast-changing world of customer intelligence.

We know personas are an effective way of understanding buyers, but not if they’re hiding at the back of a desk drawer in a PDF, full of assumptions, or rarely updated. In the video below, I present reasons why 85% of marketers aren’t using buyer personas effectively, and how you can create or reinvent your personas to be used as actionable tools to drive real results companywide.

(I also, for the first time in my speaking career, asked a room full of business leaders if anyone had ever been kidnapped. Find out why by watching my session below.)