Our development team is continuously working behind the scenes on new functionality and features to make your experience with Cintell better every day. Each month we’ll share the updates and innovations we’re most excited about and, when we can, we’ll give you a preview into what’s coming next!

Here are the features we’ve added or optimized in November:

Create a Persona Interview Guide

Primary research is the cornerstone of meaningful customer intelligence. It illuminates the true perspective of your market, giving you the groundwork for solid, actionable buyer personas. Before scheduling any interviews, use Cintell’s Interview Guide Manager to draft questions designed to solicit quality conversation. To help you get started, we have included a series of sample questions broken down by category that you can use to build your interview guide.


Embedding Media in a Persona

Your persona is more than just text, it’s a representation of a real life segment of your audience (potential buyers, customer advocates, etc.). Make them come alive by embed photos, charts, graphs and more to show depth and understanding.



Match Personas to Contacts in Eloqua

We’re incredibly excited to announce that in addition to our integration with Marketo, our integration with the Marketing Automation platform Eloqua is now live! Connecting Cintell to your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms ensures powerful customer insights are available throughout the business. You can match and organize contacts by persona in minutes, and creating persona-based sales and marketing campaigns has never been easier. Contact support@cintell.net to learn more and turn on early access to this feature.


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We’re committed to making your experience with Cintell better every day and hope you’re excited as we are about these updates.

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