Kristin-Farwell-CintellAt Cintell, we believe the best companies put the customer at the heart and soul of everything they do. That’s what it means to be customer-centric, and nobody embodies this more than Kristin Farwell, our new Director of Customer Experience.


Kristin is passionate about education and customer success and spent the last 4 years with Oracle Eloqua working directly with customers as Marketing Manager and marketing best practices consultant. She was instrumental in launching the Eloqua Masters and Modern Marketing Luminary programs, the highest level of academic achievement in the marketing automation industry today.

Prior to joining Eloqua, Kristin was Marketing Program Manager at B2B Marketing Agency Bulldog Solutions, and was responsible for planning and executing Bulldog’s lead generation and retention campaigns. She also spent 4 years at the advertising agency GSD&M working on award-winning campaigns for the U.S. Air Force.

Fun Facts:

  • Kristin likes to say she ran away from the circus to join the office.
  • Her favorite color is grey.
  • She likes blue skies and fine point sharpies.
  • She has impeccable handwriting.
  • She is forward thinking, creative and constantly asking, ‘What’s next?”
  • She never stops. It’s exhausting in her brain.
  • She’s a total geek at heart.
  • Her motto is: “Get it done. Do it right.”

Why were you drawn to this role at Cintell?

I joined Cintell because I truly believe that what this team is doing is important. In my experience, I have seen a lot of B2B companies talk about what they should do, without the ability to act on it. We all know we should create personas, but many companies struggle to use them. I’m excited to help them take what they know, and put it into action. As Marketers, you know your customers better than anyone, and I believe Cintell can take that knowledge and really put it to work for you and your business.

What do you love most about working with clients?

I love that I learn something new every day. Every hour of every day! Our customers are SMART and innovative and that inspires the heck out of me. Someone told me recently that you need to find the cross section between what you are good at and what you’re passionate about. I’m passionate about working with people and I’m good at marketing and customer success. Everything about this role is tailor-made for me.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I was born and raised in Wyoming. (After hearing that most people say “You’re the first person I’ve ever met from Wyoming!” So… there you go. Now you know someone from Wyoming.)

You can follow Kristin on Twitter at @KFarwell

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