Security & Privacy

How secure is our Persona information in Cintell?
We use SSL encryption for Cintell. We are also using very reputed cloud infrastructure provider(s) that ensure us a high level of data security.

Do you share my Personas with other Cintell Users?
No, not ever. Your Personas are private to users of your Cintell account only, and any colleagues you share it with via PDF or web URL. We do not allow users from other accounts to access your Personas. We also do not mine any data from your Personas. We understand Personas are custom, proprietary and strategic to your business and we will always help to keep it that way.

Can I password protect the persona URLs I share with my team for added security?
Absolutely. The privacy and security of your persona data is incredibly important to us. You can easily password protect the shared URLs for individual personas as well as a persona buying committee. To add a password, log in to Cintell and navigate to your Profile by clicking your name in the top right. Enter a password on the Product Settings Tab within your profile. Now every URL you share will require a secure password.