Cintell and the Customer Intelligence Institute today announced their partnership aimed at providing greater customer intelligence for building stronger customer relationships. The Cintell, Customer Intelligence Institute partnership will focus on targeting buyer persona strategies to increase sales and improve marketing driven campaigns.

“The Customer Intelligence Institute’s approach to customer research fits perfectly with our mission and vision.” says Terry Suppers, Chief Customer Officer, Cintell. “This provides our customers an advantage in the creation and operationalization of buyer personas within a buying committee, to improve the sales process. We are excited to partner with the Customer Intelligence Institute to bring this unique and comprehensive offering to market.”

“Cintell is a leader in helping organizations get the most out of their buyer personas, and we see our partnership as an exceptional opportunity” says Lorin McCann, Founder of the Customer Intelligence Institute. “We want to empower customers with buyer intelligence to inform sales and marketing activities and build more satisfying and profitable customer relationships.”

Companies taking advantage of the Cintell, Customer Intelligence Institute association will gain greater understanding of target audiences interested in their products through foundational primary and secondary research. With these insights, organizations can validate new markets, tailor product strategy to personas, develop high-relevance B2B content, and match sales and marketing activities to buyer’s journeys with  personalized campaigns, nurture and engagement,, and product marketing based on motivations and affinities gleaned from buyer insights. The customer-intelligence buyer personas will help attract and score quality leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase customer LTV with stronger customer relationships.

The value of the partnership resides in the integration of the Customer Intelligence Institutes primary research expertise and capabilities with Cintell’s SaaS persona platform that helps businesses create actionable buyer insights by integrating buyer data into their core tech stack. It addresses the problem of understanding what the right customer looks like, their interests and affinities, and how to best communicate to them in the right place at the right time and in the right channel.

About the Customer Intelligence Institute

Customer Intelligence Institute is a market research and advisory firm specializing in primary research and implementation. Their focus is B2B companies struggling with customer intelligence and need help hitting growth and revenue targets. For more information, visit

About Cintell

Cintell’s customer intelligence platform and services enable companies to compile a rich knowledge base in the cloud and operationalize these insights to make more customer-centric decisions. The proprietary CintelligenceTM process allows businesses to capture and analyze voice-of-customer research, add actionable third-party data, continuously validate and maintain these insights, and publish live, digital SmartPersonasTM. With integrations into existing business workflows & systems, Cintell aggregates and delivers rich, contextual customer insights company-wide. For more information, visit