Boston. The Hub. America’s Walking City. The Cradle of Liberty. Call it what you want (just don’t call it Beantown.) It’s where we founded Cintell and where we call home. We’re excited to welcome the MarketingProfs B2B Forum to our fair city, and this year things have moved from historic Copley Square to the shiny new Innovation District AKA Boston’s Seaport District.

We’ve put together a collection of things you’ve got to know as you’re coming into this new part of town:

1. The Silver Line isn’t really a subway line

The Silver Line track isn’t actually a “line” like the Red Line or Green line. It’s actually a series of above-ground buses – but don’t be alarmed, they’re efficient and are a great low-cost way to get to and from Logan Airport and downtown locations. Our personal preference? Uber. Sorry, Charlie, it’s still the fastest and most efficient way to get around Boston.

2. Check out the art

Also known as “ahht” by the locals, Boston has some great public art on display within walking distance of the B2B Forum this year:

  • Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture over the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the Financial District (very cool at night.) Watch the time-lapse of the installation.
  • Lawrence Weiner’s Mural at Dewey Square Park is constantly changing, this month it reads “A translation from one language to another” as commentary on the various forms of language. (Deep, right? Great chance to impress your colleagues with your interpretation.)
  • The Institute of Contemporary Art is within walking distance of the Westin this year at 100 Northern Ave. If art’s not your thing (no judging) you’ll get spectacular views of the Harbor anyway.
  • Speaking of harbors, the skyline of Boston is best viewed from the Boston Harborwalk along the water. Trust us, your Instagram will be full of perfect shots.

3. Java java java:

There’s no excuse to be anything but caffeinated when you’re in the Seaport. Locals get their latte fix at Barrington Coffee Roasting Company (346 Congress), or Flour Bakery (12 Farnsworth St, and the pastries are worth the line), but there are three (yes three) Starbucks within walking distance of the Westin. There’s a ‘Bucks in the Westin Lobby, another down the street at 601 Congress, and traveling one more block will present you with yet another in the Renaissance Hotel lobby. (If anyone is bringing one back to the show, feel free to drop off a Hazlenut latte at the Cintell booth.)

4. Our favorite hobby:

Time to unwind. Grab a specially crafted cocktail from Boston’s best mixologists at aptly named Drink (348 Congress), or find your inner Sinatra at Lucky’s Lounge (355 Congress).

5. Lobstah, yum.

I have a personal rule to never order seafood from land-locked states. Maybe I’m spoiled from my time living in New England, but while you’re in town you too are minutes away from the freshest seafood you can find. Grab yourself an authentic lobster roll fresh from the piers at Yankee Lobster (300 Northern Ave.)

Lets get down to business.

That’s enough fun. When you’re ready to get back to work, join me on Thursday, October 22nd at 11:45am to understand how to revitalize your buyer personas for real-world results.

Also, be sure to sign up for office hours with Cintell Persona Coach Samantha Stone. She’s not only got chocolate business cards (delicious), she has excellent advice related to conducting insightful persona interviews.

What? You haven’t registered yet? No worries, you can still save $200 off your ticket with code “CINTELL.”

See you in Boston.