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February 2019 

January 2019 

Cintell Partners with the Customer Intelligence Institute to Help Companies Better Understand Their Customers

December 2018

Cintell and Salutary Data announce a partnership that brings customer intelligence and B2B data together to deliver high quality leads

November 2017

FullContact and Cintell Partner to Help Companies Build a Better Understanding of Their Customers

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Company Description

Cintell is a SaaS technology company helping businesses to understand their buyers. Cintell’s customer intelligence platform enables companies to compile a rich knowledge base in the cloud and operationalize these insights to make more customer-centric decisions.

The proprietary CintelligenceTM process allows businesses to capture and analyze voice-of-customer research, add actionable third-party data, continuously validate and maintain these insights, and publish live, digital SmartPersonasTM. With integrations into existing business workflows & systems, Cintell aggregates and delivers rich, contextual customer insights companywide.

Founded in Boston in 2014, Cintell’s mission is to create a customer-centric world.

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