After you’ve gone through the planning steps for creating content with a purpose, it’s time to start thinking about your audience. Ask yourself Who am I trying to talk to?

Your answer to that question might be a little complex, and that’s OK. If you find yourself needing to talk to a lot of people, you probably have a few different buyer personas that you’re targeting through your content. This means you probably don’t want to talk to everyone the in same way.

What are buyer personas?

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. These representations are based on real data concerning customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculations about their personal histories, motivations and concerns.

When you have multiple buyer personas, tailoring your writing is the best way to get your message to resonate appropriately with your diverse audiences. One message can be written in three different ways so that it aligns with the interests and concerns of your dynamic buyers.

Thanks to the buyer persona template that HubSpot has made available, we’ve outlined the 10 components to create a buyer persona so you can get on track to understanding your audience in more detail.

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