2701, 2016

7 Ways to Use Personas to Drive More Sales (Yes Really!)

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Using Buyer Personas to Accelerate the Sales Process So your marketing team created buyer personas. Are they wasting away at the bottom of a desk drawer, gathering dust up on the wall of your office, or sitting [...]

2601, 2016

29 Ways to Use Your Personas

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You Built Personas, Now What? Creating buyer personas is only half the battle. If your personas are wasting away at the bottom of a desk drawer, gathering dust up on the wall of your office, [...]

2812, 2015

Habits of Customer-Centric Marketers: Q&A with Hendrik-Jan Francke

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 In a recent study we read, the role of marketing is changing to become the chief advocate for customers. In fact, the #1 priority of B2B marketers in 2016 will be “understanding buyers,” according to a recent survey from the [...]

1512, 2015

New Cintell Study Finds Companies That Create, Use and Consistently Maintain Personas Are More Likely to Exceed Lead and Revenue Goals

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New 2016 Marketing Industry Benchmark Study Reveals How B2B Organizations Understand Buyers, Create and Maintain Personas and Put Insights to Use BOSTON – December 15, 2015 – Today, SaaS customer intelligence company Cintell, creators of [...]

1512, 2015

Introducing the Brand Advocate Persona

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Cintell has teamed up with Influitive and Ardath Albee to publish a new eBook on the topic of creating brand advocate personas. It's a new twist on a proving marketing tactic. Download your copy today.

1112, 2015

Video: From PDFs to Action, Reinvent Your B2B Personas

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My first trip to Phoenixville, PA taught me it's a beautiful place, filled with surprisingly delightful cafes and a vibrant community of B2B marketers. The good folks at B2B marketing agency Godfrey and the local [...]